<img src="https://agentmarketing.com/usr/13/15/93/32/17/1316209446.jpg?t=1611386300"><br>WEEKLY and MONTHLY RENTALS! If you are like us, a PERFECT VACATION RESIDENCE should have these 9 Vacation Necessities! 1.) A Fabulous Beach, 2.) A Huge Pool 3.) A Gorgeous Residence! 4.) A Beautiful Community 5.) A Sensational Clubhouse 6.) A Poolside Chickee 7.) Fun People 8.) Fun Activities Closeby and, 9.) Gorgeous Sunsets! Check out THE SUNSHINE PALACE at Bonita Village to enjoy it all! Bonita Village will match your mood as you feel the freedom to relax, socialize, explore or exercise anytime! This casually upscale, vacation-styled condominium community is close to everything you will want to do in Florida. You can have your feet in the warm sands of Bonita Beach in as little as 180 seconds or be shopping at Coconut Point Mall, South Florida's largest open air mall, in 10 minutes. 'JUST CALL PAT' for answers to your questions or to reserve your stay. 239-707-9163.<br>